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Intellectual Property Rights for Research and Breeding

A company’s long-term success can only be ensured by appropriate Intellectual Property Rights.

Intellectual Property Rights not only protect technical inventions but also the results of breeding. It takes 10 to 15 years for the breeding of a new plant variety until its registration.

The preliminary work in the development of new varieties can only be financed if an appropriate competitive advantage can be guaranteed.

In Germany, the Federal Office for Plant Varieties is in charge of the registration and protection of plant varieties.

Innovative products, which are essential for a modern company, require special protection. Gaining an edge in know-how is no longer enough.

The results of biotechnological research are often technical inventions for which patents offer a suitable protection.

General information on European patents can be obtained directly from the European Patent Office.

It has been ensured on a European level that even in the future plant varieties shall not be patentable, and what a plant variety constitutes has been clearly defined by the new Implementing Regulations of the European Patent Convention.